Emily O'Hara

I am the creator of Silver Labyrinth Design.  As a metalsmith and fiber artist, I maintain a metal studio at Island Street Studios in Lawrence, MA and a weaving studio in my home in Andover, MA.  As an artist, I am self-taught with the guidance of many mentors and masters.  My interest in weaving was sparked in childhood after seeing a floor loom in the home a a family friend.  I mastered the pot-holder loom when I was ten and took my first weaving class at age 25.  After weaving for many years, I became curious about weaving with metal and found a course in silver jewelry-making which lead to my continuing passion of creating with metals.  Fiber-related techniques or elements often influence my design process.  After a long hiatus from my loom, I have returned to work on a new body of work.

I love the rhythm, spirit and energy of the creative process.  And I love sharing it with others.  I look forward to hearing from you.